Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ruffle cake

Ruffle cake for my niece's first birthday.

More and more bakeries in Vancouver are featuring cakes styled with one piping tip.  I've used a large open star tip to decorate my friend's wedding cake last summer, and I've been wanting to try ruffle cakes made with a large petal tip.

Rose Levy Beranbaum's all-occasion downy yellow cake is an excellent base for many cakes.  I baked the recipe in two 8" x 2" pans at 350F  for about 30-35 minutes.  After cooling, I torted each layer in half, and filled it with strawberry jam - the kind that has twice the fruit and less sugar.
Cakes iced with one piping tip typically uses double the buttercream.  This double-layer 8" round cake used about 9 cups of icing in total.  I used my favourite Swiss meringue buttercream base and flavoured it with three cups of pureed strawberry jam (pass though a fine strainer after pureeing).  The colour will be a light, natural-looking pink.

The cake is crumb-coated and guide lines are marked:
There are a number of helpful youtube videos for this technique.  I particularly liked this video.

I did not find the technique to strain my hands as the videos warned.  Using a larger Wilton # 125 tip (instead of #104 shown in the video), I finished the sides in a little over five minutes.

Instead of piping concentric circles of ruffles up top as shown in the video, I pulled the ruffles inward to the centre.  Here is the finished cake:

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