Saturday, March 24, 2012

Return to baking: Apple pie

The gap between my last post and this one represents my clerkship year in medical school plus a bit of the beginning of my final year. Though I kept on baking through this time - my clinical teams and ward nurses were beneficiaries of banana breads, tarts and brownies - there was never enough spare time to blog.

Now as I am approaching the final weeks of medical school, I am happy to be able to blog again. Here is an apple pie I recently made:

My first successful baking attempt was making an apple pie using the recipe on the back of a Crisco box for the pie dough. I loved that pie dough because it was tender, flaky, and nearly fool-proof. How could it not be? It had all the necessary tweaks - baking powder for puff, vinegar for tenderness, sugar and salt for taste.

However, good as that pie dough may be, it cannot compare in taste to an all-butter crust. Unfortunately, my attempts at flaky butter pie dough had never been good. That is, until Chez Pim's ultimate pie dough.  Here are a series of photographs of this oh-so-easy to make and amazingly flaky pie dough, and yes it is made entirely by hand:

There is even a YouTube video of Chez Pim making this dough:

(If you are viewing this post through Facebook, the embedded video will not show, but you can click on this link).

I wanted a tall apple pie that has no gap between the crust and the filling, so I turned to Cooks Illustrated's Deep Dish Apple Pie. To keep the apples from shrinking, they are partially cooked first and then cooled. Ten large apples went into this pie.

After the filling has cooled, I rolled out the dough, and assembled my pie:

The pie is packed with Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Ambrosia, and Pink Lady apples, and the crust, which shatters into innumerable flakes, has the incomparable taste of delicately browned butter:


Anonymous said...

I made these for a party this weekend and they turned out great! Thanks so much!
Apfelkuchen Rezepte
Apfelkuchen Rezept

Lorraine said...

I always use Crisco for pie crust.. 3/4 cup to 2 cups of flour, 1 tsp salt and I always add extra water because I refrigerate it for at least an hour before rolling out. I even make it the night before if making several pies, but you need to add extra water because it dries out some even if plastic wrapped.

Berryz Girl said...

Yummyy ! chacking your blog makes me wanna eat my screan ! lol

Shelly said...

that looks great!! thank you! I'll try :)

joselle said...

This looks really yummy! My sister is also in med school and she loves to bake as well.