Thursday, July 23, 2009

The best flourless chocolate cake

Actually, the heading should be "The best flourless chocolate cake."

Yes, it is flourless and as far as chocolate cakes go, this one is simply incomparable. The texture changes from light cheesecake to mousse as you sample from outside to in. Every bite is as good as the Callebaut chocolate that went in it.

Here's the unbelievable part to it: only 290 calories and 17 grams of carbohydrates per 1/16th slice!

While 1/16th may not seem like much, this cake packs a wallop of dark chocolate that it is sure to leave even the most fervid chocoholic totally sated. An equivalent "regular" flour-based cake with ganache and buttercream will easily break 500 calories and carry an absurd carbohydrate gram count.

I once made a 1170-calorie per serving dessert which was fabulous, but this one is even better.

And even better news - it freezes well. There is no danger for dieters and carb-counters such as myself of slicing away at the cake portion by portion until the whole cake is consumed. I've stashed away the rest of this cake, and I am resolved they will only be thawed out for my once a week cheat/reward day.

The recipe is from Baking Illustrated and was developed by Alice Medrich.


  • I used 8 ounces of 60% chocolate and 8 ounces of milk chocolate.

  • It is imperative that you use an instant-read thermometer to determine doneness. I've overbaked this cake a couple times in the past because I did not use an instant-read thermometer. Those were quite awful.

  • Take it out when the centre is 140F. It will still be very soupy. Don't fret - it will look just like the first picture after 12 hours in the fridge. According to Baking Illustrated, 140F is a key temperature because the cake will continue to cook after it is taken out of the oven, killing Salmonella.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

It looks so irresistible! Really tempting.



Julie said...

Awesome! I went through a phase where I was testing flourless chocolate cake recipes left and right--I'm looking forward to testing this out, too! They really can be delicate creatures--one false step and they let you know it!

Faery said...

Oh My God this looks so sooooo delicious

Anonymous said...

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Christine Medifast said...

Must say... delicious! I am not the biggest chocolate fan, but this is something I don't think I could pass up.

Awesome idea! Going to have to learn something new now apparently.

Christine M.

Anonymous said...

Easily I agree but I about the brief should prepare more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

ah! You've baked one of my favourite cakes. It's a classic. You've reminded me to do a post on it at some point this year....Happy New Year!

geejay said...

Welcome back Julius - enjoy your posts and comments on the recipes you use. Till next year? Have a good one!