Saturday, August 18, 2007

Patrick's birthday cake

He's going to love this!

This cake was inspired by a similar cake from Martha Stewart's "The Baking Handbook." Her version, as can be expected, has more finesse.

The piped lines, dots and circles are made of lemon curd (double the amounts in the recipe in this link to make three cups), a cup of which was added to this recipe of Swiss meringue buttercream in lieu of the vanilla.

The resulting buttercream is sweet, tangy and has a light, mousse-like quality. But I noticed that it also does not hold up well in my warm kitchen. So this will need to stay in the fridge until serving. In the future, I try mixing lemon oil to my Swiss meringue buttercream instead of using lemon curd in it to produce an icing that is more temperature stable.

Then again, the lemon curd that I used in between the layers and on the surface demands that this cake be refrigerated anyway, so I may leave the buttercream as is, especially because the taste and texture is really lemon cream dreamy (to borrow from Dorie Greenspan, in my now favourite cookbook, "Baking: From My Home to Yours".

A paper cornet was used to pipe the curd. Dyann of has a video of how to make a paper cornet.

I didn't intend to be precise because I wanted to make the cake whimsical and homey. In all honestly, my current piping skills do not include precision. Notice how the other cakes on this page are all iced free hand?

This concludes my summer baking. Thanks you to all of you who have read my humble baking blog, and special thanks for your comments and e-mails. I will be back in full force in mid-September (if not earlier). But for now, I will be living up to the "occasional" name of this blog.

See you soon!


The Food Librarian said...

Wonderful cake! I hope you'll be back in the kitchen baking soon. Your cakes are beautiful!!!

Julius said...

Thanks, food librarian. =)