Sunday, July 15, 2007

Chocolate souffle

Having recently baked a chocolate cake, I have a bit of chocolate left over lying around the house. With the record summer highs we're having in Vancouver, I decided that I needed to use up what I have left:

The recipe can be found on Michael Chu's blog. I am a fan of his site. His tagline, "Do you have an analytical mind? This is the site to read," speaks to me and he does a great job of demystifying the why's and how's of cooking and baking.

Having said this, I have a couple of notes about his recipe and commentary.

First, I found that the souffle recipe was enough to fill four 5-ounce ramekins (not just two 6-ounce). Also, having had to unexpectedly butter two additional ramekins, I had an opportunity to compare if ramekins coated with butter and sugar produced higher souffles.

Some cooks say that the sugar coating enables the egg foam batter to climb up the surface of the ramekin by grappling on the rough sugar crystals. Others say that the sugar caramelizes on the sides of the souffles and weighs it down.

For this recipe, on this attempt (there, is that qualified enough?), the sugar coating produced higher souffles. Of course, this really was not a science experiment and no variables were deliberately controlled... but at the end of it all, Pat and I finished off two very chocolaty desserts:

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